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How To Add eBooks to Amazon Kindle App For Android

Whilst most people who are regular kindle users are likely to purchase most of their books through the Amazon Kindle store itself. For the most part I’d say that only half of my purchases were from the store, what can I say – I like to shop around, even for my eBooks!

For most people there are going to be times where you’re likely to want to import ebooks from other places – and it’s not as easy as it should be.

In the case of my recent ebook (don’t worry i’m not going to link drop it in every post I write from hereon – maybe a few more just yet!), I offered my ebook up as a download as well as a purchase from kindle itself. But truth be told there are also other reasons you’ll want to download books outside of the store; sites like Project Gutenberg which offer free works let you download books direct and DRM free, but don’t automatically sync with your kindle account.

For those instances it’s really easy to get them on your device (if you’re using android), but it won’t be obvious to all users. If you were doing it on your PC it’d be as simple as dragging and dropping the book into the Kindle file, because Android doesn’t quite work like that we’ll have to add in a few more steps.

First things first –  you’ll need a file explorer app (there’s are hundreds out there) for this task. For this post I’m going to refer to Solid Explorer as it’s my app of choice.

Once it’s installed start it up and you’ll be greeted with a screen like this (assuming you mainly use your tablet in portrait view – I’ve got a Nexus 7).

Moving ebook files on Android

The easiest way to proceed is to turn the tablet to landscape mode, that way you’ll instead see solid explorer in two columns.

What you’ve got here is very simply the file structure of your tablet which you can navigate around just by tapping on the different folders. Here you can copy, paste, delete, move etc your files easily – it’s handy for lots of other things, not just adding ebooks to your kindle.

Android Ebooks to kindle Via File Browser

So, if you’ve been downloading lots of ebooks, by default they’ll have been saved in the “downloads” folder (a logical choice). In the left hand window tap downloads and then find the book(s) you want to import. Then in the other column you”ll have to find your “kindle” folder – tap on it. Then all you need to do is tap and hold on youbook and click either “copy to…” or “move to’…” and then select “other pane”. This will either copy it (and leave the original file in the download folder) or move the file across.

Move or copy your files

If you’ve been using the tablet in portrait mode the only difference her eis that only one column is displayed at once, so you’ll have to swipe left and right, between the two (i.e. find the kindle folder in the right hand pane first and then go and fine your ebook and then move/copy it across).

Once you’ve done this start up your kindle app and you’ll now see your new book ready to read.

My Kindle Library

Easy when you know how, right?

Now you know how to do it, head over and download my ebook for free (here) and you can practice moving it into your folder. Or, better yet, head on over to the amazon page and you can buy a copy – all profits go to charity, it’s a very good cause!

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