New Test – Please Ignore

This test is a little different from the last one – before I published two new pages and had both fetched & then render requested. Whilst this seemed fairer – as both pages were ‘seen’ at near-enough the same time – the fact that this was instigated directly via search console meant that the speed at which it took place wasn’t a fair/true representation of what the process is “in the wild”.

In this one I still want to ensure that both pages are picked up by GoogleBot at the same time – but without fetching each – this is where this page comes in. The two links below are pointing to the test and the control (note that, it’s important) so when I run an index request on this page, they’ll picked up, but I won’t force the indexing.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?



How To Add eBooks to Amazon Kindle App For Android

Whilst most people who are regular kindle users are likely to purchase most of their books through the Amazon Kindle store itself. For the most part I’d say that only half of my purchases were from the store, what can I say – I like to shop around, even for my eBooks!

For most people there are going to be times where you’re likely to want to import ebooks from other places – and it’s not as easy as it should be. Continue reading