Phonics/Learning to Read

Phonics is key to helping children learn how the sounds of letters relate to how they’re written on the page. In the UK phonics are taught from an early years at preschool and primary school – depending on their circumstances.

Some parents take to teaching their children phonics from an even earlier age (2+) to begin to give the child an interest in books, letters and the written word. It is important to realise that every child’s development is different, so forcing a child into learning to read and write before they’re ready may not be what’s best for them.

Learning Phonics

There are many different ways to get into Phonics, there are apps, TV programmes, books and more which make it easier for parents to introduce kids to it from an early age. The following video is from Alphablocks, and is a really neat way to visualise the sounds of letters.


What is key is to introduce them to books as soon as you can, make being read to a regular event – something they can look forward to. This interest in stories from early-on makes children more receptive to the thought of learning more about words and what makes them. Most schools and preschools will be very experienced with teaching phonics, however, if you want to take a more active role yourself, the following phonics book may be worth a look!

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