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Personalised Books – Put Your Children in the Story

Trying to get your little ones into books but want to make them feel more a part of it? It’s never been easier or cheaper than with personalised children’s books! I’ve been aware of personalised books for a while now, they’ve been getting cheaper and more accessible, but with most things the proof is always in the eating!

Books not only have to compete with TV & computers, but also tablets and smartphones, which makes it even harder to see how the printed word stands a chance! My daughter received a personalised book from her Nanny & Grandad and she loves it – so much so that I’m on the look out what other books I can make her a part of.

Lost My Name –

Lost My Name’s idea is simple, it’s the story of a young boy or girl and their quest to recover their lost name. But there in lies it’s brilliance.

When you order the lost book their website you input your child’s name and the story is constructed around that. As you’ll see in the image below, each letter of the name becomes a part of the adventure.

Lost My Name

What I love about this is that the story is individual to the child and that even if you have more than one child to buy for you’ll be getting a different story – making it feel all the more special.

See what you think by taking a look at their video below:

Your Child and Peppa Go To Playgroup –

Staying within the personalised feel, but immediately familiar is [your child] and Peppa Go to Playgroup. This doesn’t feel quite as special as Lost My Name, but as a parent who has read Peppa Pig more times than he can count, it can’t be difficult to see why this would be so appealing to little ones.

tommy and peppa go to playgroup

With options of changing the name/gender of the character along with the appearance so that their adventure across the 20+ pages feels believable. A smudge cheaper than Lost My Name and a sure-fire hit with most 3-4 year old’s, it’s well worth a look!

Personalised Books – Funky Pigeon

Funky Pigeon are know for printing pretty-much everything on everything and personalised books are no exception. There’s a huge range of recognisable stories for your child’s name to be included in, from Disney’s Frozen to Spider-Man & Star Wars.

Personalised Disney Books personalised marvel books

You’ll likely struggle to find a child who’s not going to be happy with one of the stories as there’s a load on there. However, the level of personalisation is far less than in Lost My Name & even Peppa, so it may feel a little less special – if not to the child then maybe to you.

Do I Personalise My Child’s Stories?

There’s never been more choice when picking a personalised story for your child, from the super recognisable through to the really special. You’ll probably find that the cost to you is higher because of the unique nature of the book, but for a one-off gift, it’s not going to prove too painful.

Of course you can always personalise your own stories with a bit of imagination! Our daughter is currently in love with The Tiger Who Came to Tea – except without the tiger:

  • The Minion Who Came to Tea
  • Pinkie Pie Who Came to Tea
  • and so on…

Have you bought a personalised story, or do you make changes to your little one’s favourite books at bedtime? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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